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"The greatest tool remains unused."

- Confucius



Tai Chi Chuan schools in the Tung lineage

Kai Ying Tung Academy of Tai Chi Chuan of Los Angeles, California

Tai Chi Chuan Academy of Modesto, California

Tai Chi College of Santa Barbara, California

Ventura County Tai Chi Chuan, California

San Ramon Valley Academy of Tai Chi Chuan, California

Tung Family Tai Chi Chuan of New Hampshire

Mountain River Academy of Tai Chi Chuan, New Hampshire

Tai Chi Chuan Academy of Phoenix, Arizona

Austin Academy of Tai Chi Chuan, Texas

Missoula Academy of Tai Chi Chuan, Montana

Master Tung's Tai Chi Chuan in Denmark

Bjørn Nissen's Tai Chi Chuan, Denmark

Tai Chi Chuan Studio in Paris, France

TOUM Association in Paris, France

Triantafyllo Tai Chi Chuan of Athens, Greece

Bosco Falconeria Tai Chi Chuan, Sicily Italy


Tung Tai Chi Group Internet Forum


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Chinese Medicine sites

Heiner Fruehauf's Classical Chinese Medicine Forum

Institute for Traditional Medicine

Lonny Jarret's Spirit Path Press

Asian Medicine Zone



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Zhongwen.com Chinese dictionary

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Joel Biroco's Yijing Dao

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Livia Cohen's Three Pines Press



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